6 Things gamer girls will relate to

Online video games are very popular nowadays, but little did people know what are the struggles of being a girl gamer is, in this digital world of fiction and action. You love gaming just as anyone else, so you unwillingly or willingly will dedicate some time to your favorite game, and you will imagine yourself doing the things instead of that white dude superhero is doing. After a notorious gender reveal you will eventually end up reading comments like “oh ure a girl! go make me a sandwich”, “show me your boobs”, “can u even play?” but instead you will decide to pretend to be a guy. All of this is nothing compared to your sad old laggy computer that will never get replaced with the ultimate gaming PC your dream of.

1 You just love playing

Yes, you will relate to this one because, duh, you love gaming. You love every second of playing and you can’t imagine your life without playing your favorite one. Sometimes you think that it is kind of extreme to think that gaming is better than sex and even pizza. You even start to prioritize your gaming experience over lots of other things that you probably shouldn’t.

2 The game will eventually take over your life


At some point your daily schedule will get ruined. You will end up either playing the game that totally took over your time, either you will think about it when you are working or studying. Gaming will become your favorite procrastination. Eventually you will get back to 9 playing as soon as you can. Not having enough sleep for the next day, snacking or eating a sandwich at your desk while pressing the mouse button or even going to the bathroom really-really quick while telling to online players from your squad to wait, will be totally normal things for you.

3 You will imagine yourself instead of the main character

Playing games designed by most of the time men, will give you the totally opposite image of what you actually would want to see on your computer screen. You will still love the game and play it, but will eventually imagine someone else instead of the existing hero, or even get to pick different colors or designs around the game. You will start imagining yourself instead of the main character and even change the scenario of the game. Cringing while seeing a blatant sexist detail or hearing sexist conversations is unfortunately a part of your gaming experience.

4 You will pretend to be a guy

Yes, we all know men are the default imagined gamer both by game designers and players themselves, even you think that most of the players you connect to in your favorite game are men, but admit it, you will sometimes stop your activist urge to say “Hey! It’s not gg guys, its gg guys AND girls, because don’t assume I am a guy” for not wasting your time on meaningless discussions. Either in the clan chat, either in the Facebook page with your fake profile, you will sometimes pretend to be a guy to prevent the whole mess that comes with your gender reveal. And of course, a turned on microphone on your computer is a total no-no.

5 Having a gaming PC struggle is real

Seeing a new game coming up you start rethinking about your gaming device. You start thinking about collecting some money or even taking a loan for buying that amazing mouthwatering gaming pc you saw on the internet, but it is such a hard thing to get after all. You will spend hours and hours checking for the perfect gaming PC you will probably never have.

6 Lag is killing you faster than your ping

Lag is real and we all know that. But when you shoot the target and you hit the wall, then you start questioning are you a noob or this was just a lag. After checking stats you philosophically think that in parallel universe your ping and fps change places and you get a lower ping with higher fps, yes, just another dream!

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