Victims of a mental slavery

This is my first article. I’ve always felt the need of expressing my thoughts somehow but something inside would always prevent me, something which can’t be described, something that feels like a lump in your throat. I have always wondered what is that and why it creates obstacles for my self-expression. I found the answer and it is called it mental slavery.

We still think that slavery is a term with which we only come across in our history books.Yet, our imagination about slavery is limited as in your opinion it’s just a restriction of someone’s physical existence and rights. But have you ever thought about another form of slavery such as mental slavery?

I am a victim of a mental slavery. You, women, are victims of a mental slavery. Some of you may not agree because you consider yourself free, independent and more controlling than obeying individuals.Whereas, we are all victims.

When I was younger I used to dream about the craziest things that one can imagine (at least for my family they sounded crazy). My crazy wishlist included being a president, a spy or invent new things, write books, climb mountains. I could never concentrate on one thing, I just wanted to dream about my future. Was that a big deal? Of course not, we were all have been kids and had the oddest imaginations of our future. But there was one “but” standing between me and my dreams , just one divisor : I was a girl. My fantasies ended at the point where the beliefs of a traditional family start.

What does that mean? It means that a girl should dream about her future family. Society not only wanted me to think about my future husband and kids, society demanded me. Moms should teach their daughters the basics of being a good housewife as it’s a shame for a family to bring up a bad wife for her future husband. I have been through this all my past 10 or even more years. They never let me think big and out of box called family.

We are like a seed of a tree. We are born in a fertile sole where the rays of the sun are  very lavish towards us. We have all the good conditions to grow and give a rich harvest. Yet, the society builds up a wall surrounding us from four corners when we are still a germ. Eventually we grow up but when it comes to our ramifying we find ourself between 4 walls. We can’t grow further because some time before the society in order to “protect us” trapped us between four walls. Same as these seeds we grow up stuck inside four walls with no hope of ramifying, expanding and developing. And those walls are called a mental slavery.