Indian acid survivor Laxmi will be the face of a fashion line

An Indian clothing brand has signed as its newest spokeswoman Laxmi, the Indian woman who survived an acid attack with severe scarring on her face and has since become a national symbol of survival in the country.

Viva N Diva said it hoped to sign other acid attack victims, too, in the hopes of changing what it means to be a survivor. The fashion company said they hoped the campaign would allow survivors’ beauty to be seen.


Laxmi was attacked at the age of 16 by a man she turned down romantically, and became an outspoken critic of the country’s acid attack problem, asking the government to limit acid sales. She now works as a TV anchor as well. “Such initiatives change mindset,” Laxmi told the Hindustan Times. “I am sure this initiative will also bring about a positive change.”

Laxmi had given up on love but met Alok Dixit, 26, while campaigning and they now run the Stop Acid Attacks campaign together with their main focus helping other acid attack survivorsLaxmi, from Delhi, was facially disfigured after a man she refused to marry threw acid into her face and is an advocate for tougher punishments for acid attacks in India. Pictured in a jumpsuit as part of the campaignLaxmi modelled outfits for the Viva N Diva clothes brand and looked glamorous in a orange and fuschia gown with inspirational slogans in the campaignShe said noone helped her when the attack happened. Laxmi recovered from the attack and is now happy with partner Alok Dixit and baby PihThe fashion company wanted to show beauty in a different way to physical attributes and wanted to give it meaning, Laxmi looks pensive in the campaign video